Thursday, 9 July 2009

Prince Charles - "Facing the Future" - the Richard Dimbleby Lecture

The Richard Dimbleby lecture given by Prince Charles, and shown last night, was a fabulous no holds barred exposition of the total environmental message.

To those of us in the forefront of the environmental movement, there was nothing very new but it's rather unusual to hear what you might call the Full Green Monty put forward so clearly. Normally, environmental ideas get diluted by the time-span or space that the media allow us to put them forward so the public only get a partial view of the complex whole.

The environmental message often gets overlooked by those of a "business-as-usual" view because they tend to ignore what seems to be a not particularly relevant (to them) message because it's all divided up into small chunks and they never seem to integrate all the differing aspects into one whole picture. The full message as put forward last night should now be seen as so huge that it cannot be ignored. Prince Charles laid out the whole elephant-in-the-room situation that we face in our present and future. No-one should turn a blind eye now.

I urge everyone to watch this - at 48 minutes long, it is a masterpiece. The only problem is that I don't think overseas blog readers will be able to access the BBC iPlayer programme.


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TonyTheProf said...

This is a transcript version!

There has been good stuff this year, with the Reith lectures as well.