Sunday, 5 July 2009

Climate crock of the week - deniers never seem to give up

This "crock" expose is about the view that climate science is mostly based on computer models and that we can't rely on them because they are nowhere near perfect - the proponents of this view (including a certain female Senator in our beloved States of Jersey) believe we should just carry on and not believe all the global warming "hysteria" and we'll all be just fine. Obviously, they feel lucky. It's just a shame that if too many are fooled by this irresponsible point of view, then the consequences will drag us all down along with them. They have a right to gamble with their own lives and futures, and maybe even those of their own children (dubious, ethically) but they have a responsibility not to put the rest of humanity who don't agree with them, including the vast majority of the relevant scientists in the field, at risk.


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