Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pollination must see - birds, bees, bats, bugs, and cactus flowers

Superb TED film about the various ways plants get pollinated. Watch out for the hummingbird versus the bee bit. Aerobatics to die for.

Moonlit pollination too.



Ponder on the delicate interactions and interdependencies of nature shown then watch 131 years of global temperature changes in 26 seconds. Consider how natural systems are very sensitive to small changes in the environment.

NASA | Temperature Data: 1880-2011


And the same sort of information in graphical form from the World Meteorological Society. Next time you hear someone claiming that global warming has stopped because “there hasn’t been any warming for 15 years”,  show them this. They won’t believe you because they are terminally thick or bad but at least you will have tried!