Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Home - the movie of astonishing Earth

This link is to a film called “Home” - it's about the astonishing Earth we live on. It's a big film and will take a long time to download if you don't want to put up with it stopping every few minutes or so - but it's very worth it.

Watch and be amazed at the “flying over” shots
Here's a link to the website of "Home"

Here's a direct link to the movie
Home - watch it in HD if you can!

Here’s just three images


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ceridwen said...

Surprised to find that this is a British blog - not American - in the event. I was here out of curiosity wondering at what sort of person had been so downright rude to me (and NOT giving a wonderful impression of us Transition people to the rest of the world) on Rob Hopkins' blog. Thought that part of "new paradigm" thinking was being polite and gentle with each other.....

Well - I guess that was my amusing thought for the day - being called a Yuppie for the first time in more than 50 plus years on the Planet - not a chance of that one on a salary of very little more than National Minimum Wage.

Nick Palmer said...

Hi ceridwen,

I wasn't calling you a yuppie! There were two parts to my rant separated by a line. The whole point about the problems to come is that unless we take very strong action to avoid them, they will happen regardless of what people want or desire or "expect".

It is clear that since the dawning of the yuppie "me" generation, a societal attitude of entitlement to fulfilment of personal ambition and desires without concern or responsibility for consequences has spread throughout society.

Too many people seem to believe they should get what they want and the harsh realities of the planet we live on intruding into their ambition and greeds SHOULD make them change their beliefs pronto. Sadly, mostly, they do not - they cling, sometimes aggressively, to their plans and do not welcome people pointing out the impossibility of these life plans being acceptable, if we care about everyone's future.

I think it is this increased societal selfishness that is both a root cause of a lot of the environmental problems we face but, more significantly, it is a major cause of the opposition to bringing in sustainable lifestyles because these people just don't want to make the effort - they are used to getting their own way and they don't want anyone to rain on their parade.

However, you did say "the couple of comments implying that there will be no such thing as “leisure time” - one quick way to turn the vast majority of people (including me) straight off."

I took that to mean that you and the "vast majority" will reflexively choose not to listen to the calls for sustainability, because they don't square with your life's game plan, without considering whether they are essential to our actual future survival.

In essence it appeared to be you sticking your head in the sand, along with the "vast majority" and saying you refuse to listen because you won't get any leisure time. I was just pointing out, in my initial sentence, that if dragging ourselves kicking and screaming towards a sustainable lifestyle means that we get no leisure time (at least until things have settled down a bit) then that is what we will HAVE to put up with regardless of what we would like!

I maintain the right to be very rude about people whose modus operandi is to live by "don't bother me with the hard facts if they conflict with my choice of lifestyle".