Sunday, 21 June 2009

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Here it is! The "climate change" book, that I helped with some of the research on, is published on July 7th. Embedded below is Greg Craven's own brand new trailer for the book launch. Please watch it and pass on the links from the "more info" side bar. Then buy it!

The book shows ordinary people (non-climate experts!) how to decide what's the best bet for them to safeguard their families even if if they don't understand the claims and counterclaims in the media debate about climate change. It has the spark of genius in it.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this book - just a passionate belief that it might be part of what saves everybody's bacon. Governments and climate scientists are generally pretty firm that there is a big threat. What we need is something that shows the ordinary man-in-the-street how they can make a good sensible decision about what we should do about it. I believe this book is a brilliant example of that.

Using the techniques of risk analysis Greg shows how we can make the best decisions as to what to do when we're not sure of all the facts (or even the facts themselves are not all certain!). His method works for any big decision - not just climate change stuff.

Now you've seen it, please spread the word by any means you can think of. You just might end up being a hero!

I'm sorry that the link to the book etc in this post (and in the side bar) is truncated but my HTML skills aren't up to fixing it yet!

What's the worst that can Happen?


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