Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cartoon wars

There is  a denialist video on Youtube called “Global Warming Panic explained” in which two characters from a video game have been “hacked” to have a dialogue about those awful climate scientists and the way they are hoaxing everybody but the brave “sceptics”.  As is usual with all but a fraction of the sceptic/denialist material out there, it is chock full of strawmen and dishonest/stupid insinuations  with an unhealthy amount of paranoid conspiracy type thinking. Greenfyre has put together, using the same characters and “game engine”, a rather good riposte which covers and discredits a very large number of the sort of rubbish arguments that echo endlessly around the denialosphere .


First look at the dangerous and misleading propaganda version then the one that attempts to correct it.


Global Warming Panic explained



Global Warming Panic explained


By the way, if anyone wants to make one of these  cartoon videos (saying whatever you want), just go to http://www.xtranormal.com and create your own account.



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