Friday, 11 February 2011

Both sides now

Bows and flows of angel hair,
And Ice-cream castles in the air,
And feather canyons everywhere,
I’ve looked at clouds that way – Joni Mitchell

Silver Lining from Kym Fielke on Vimeo.

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pendantry said...

Thanks. Very relaxing!

Nick Palmer said...

Clouds are amazing. The title of this post, in addition to being that of the Joni Mitchell song, is also a sort of pun on the fact that I have actually seen "both sides" of clouds when I am flying, having gone into the bottom of them on my hang glider and flown around, over, under and through them in a microlight.

One of my most amazing memories is when I flew a microlight down a "feather canyon" above Almeria in Southern Spain with both wingtips in the "walls" either side and the wheels just skimming the bottom. Everything all around was the most dazzling white imaginable.