Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Information just wants to be free - if it's treated right by the recipients

The denialosphere is wallowing in an ecstacy of misinforming at the moment. Ever since the hacked/stolen/leaked emails of so-called Climategate were "liberated" they have been endlessly and deliberately misinterpreted for propaganda purposes, whilst the unfortunate scientists involved have been ruthlessly traduced. A common insinuation that the propagandists make is that the scientists were refusing to share data because they had something to hide. Here's a link to a page on RealClimate which has links to more data, methodology, computer code etc than you could shake a stick at - freely available. Hopefully, the demanding screams from the denialosphere will STFU now moderate.
realclimate.org - data-sources - raw climate data

Most of the data that the denialosphere was harassing them for was already available in the public domain and what little wasn't was subject to confidentiality agreements that demanded permission be sought before it was released. The hundreds of FOIA requests that the U. of E. Anglia climate unit received were not entirely innocent requests for the data, simply to enable replication in a spirit of genuine scientific endeavour. They were crafted nuisance requests - like a "denial of service" hacker attack.

As mentioned before, one of McIntyre's little helpers involved in the massive "FOIA attack" was a senior local politician here in good ol' Jersey. The requests were to facilitate a no doubt inevitably biased attempt by such as Steve McIntyre and his merry minions to look for an angle to destroy the science. McIntyre has a bit of a record of attempting this sort of thing. He is a legitimate and talented statistician. He has made mistakes, as one would expect any analyst to do, but more significantly he tends to over-hype his assessment and presentation (and so, massively more so, do his followers) of the importance, or even relevance, of what he "discovers".

Meanwhile globally, we've had the warmest January on record and, so far, it looks like February is heading the same way...


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