Monday, 8 March 2010

Climate Crock socks it to deniers - the scientific case for AGW condensed into 10 minutes

If you read the comments sections of any climate related website or blog you will see the most outrageous assertions from the denialist peanut gallery. Inadvertently demonstrating their own gullibility and irrationality and yes, I'll use the "S" word - STUPIDITY, these people just mindlessly regurgitate the propaganda which they have swallowed.  Perhaps the "smoking gun"  that most shows them up as the dangerous, suckered idiots that they are, is their frequently repeated cry to show them the science and the scientific papers that prove there is such a thing as global warming, usually ending with a phrase like "you can't because there is none LMFAO - it's all a conspiracy!!!" These mindless types have read this blatant lie on denialist websites and just parrot it because they want to believe it. How irresponsible is that?

They often hate being called deniers and usually describe themselves as sceptics or independent thinkers. The big lie here is that they do not understand what being a "sceptic" actually means. Clearly, they disbelieve anything the science says that they don't like the sound of yet they uncritically accept any old nonsense, lies or misdirection, as long as it sounds sort of "sciency", from the denialist movement, whether from the professional propagandists or their unwitting dupes and the hordes of willing amateurs who run blogs. Their idea of scepticism is nowhere near the true definition, which would look at all sides critically. It is blatant and obvious wishful thinking and closed mindedness combined with astonishing arrogance and inability to judge the credibility of those sources they fawn over so eagerly.

The video below is the latest in the "Climate Crock of the Week" series from Pete Sinclair that does exactly what the denialist hordes keep screaming for (without realising that they really don't actually want to hear it!). It lays out a very condensed version of the basic physics underlying climate science. None of this science is in dispute by any credible scientist or should be disputed by anybody else with their heads screwed on. Even those such as "darling-of-the-deniers" Richard Lindzen, frequently cited by deniers in support of their position, would not dispute it. The only way that deniers can wriggle out of this is by claiming that the whole scientific AGW case is a massive conspiracy going back over a hundred years. Many of them do! As I pointed out in a recent blog post, and Pete Sinclair does too in this video, any "conspiracy" must be so gigantic that even birds and animals and glaciers are in on it - here's a quote from my post from last month  "Global warming is a hoax"
"Tens of thousands of people have faked the scientific theories since the early 1800s, the actual measurements of reality, the historical records, the pre-historical records, the even further back than that records. This colossal hoax is so all pervasive that even animals, birds and insects are joining in by pretending to be affected by non-existent changes in ecosystems. God help us, the conspirators have even persuaded dumb ice sheets and permafrost to fake it for the cause. Nature really is a lying traitor and we should never trust her again!"
Enjoy ten minutes of concentrated anti B.S. Crash and burn, deniers...


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