Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Teabags were SO 20th century

Here's the latest in the teabag saga with the latest feedback from Yorkshire tea. Slightly terse maybe, but I liked the use of "certainly pass this on".


Dear Nick,

Thank you for your reply, we are very pleased to hear you have been happy with our response, thank you for your comments regarding our teabag paper we will certainly pass this on.

Kind regards

Danielle Cooper

Customer Services

Taylors of Harrogate

Freephone 0500 418898



Thank you for your response.To clarify, it was the style of your response which I liked. You did appear to realise the heavy "greenwash" of suggesting that polypropylene fibres binding soil together was some sort of plus!

Perhaps you could keep me informed of any management plans or activity related to efforts to resolve this unwelcome plastic residue situation? It has become very obvious that this issue is barely known or understood by consumers. I think it fair to say it is a breaking story and when it is fully publicised, it is likely that there will be louder calls for action.

As your particular tea is my all time favourite for "getting through the day", I would hope that, if there is going to be a major move towards fully compostable teabag paper amongst the large tea retailers, that your company would be the first to declare their plans to get the benefit of being the "first mover" and possibly attracting the custom of people ready and willing to change their teabags for the environment.

I note, from your website, that you supply your tea in loose leaf format so I will probably seek that out in the interim, although I do not recall seeing it on sale in Jersey before.


Nick Palmer
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