Sunday, 15 November 2009

And she’ll have Fun, Fun, Fun until the IPCC takes her T-Bird awaaay…

This blog has got lots of deadly serious stuff on it, like loads of other blogs but, as my title box shows, I have got a bit of a commitment to lighten things up every now and again by trying to inject some fun into the proceedings.

Once upon a time I was watching some trials bikes jumping over obstacles and flying over humps. Someone who knew I was a bit environmentally minded said that they supposed I would want to ban this sport. I said almost certainly not. My job is to work towards a civilisation where the “big things”, with the biggest potential impacts, are environmentally friendly.

Thus, it is is more important to persuade the majority to use alternative methods and fuels for such things as transport than to pick holes in a minority using a minuscule fraction of our planetary fossil fuel consumption. If the world only had a global population of 100,000 we could do whatever we liked to the environment and, apart from local temporary damage, we would have a completely sustainable impact. As we currently have 68,000 times that population (6.8 billion and counting) click for live current totals we have to be a lot more responsible than that.

Here’s a couple of videos from an initiative from Volkswagen (no commercial benefit to me for mentioning that!) that reckons that making going green more fun would be a good idea.

Firstly, a fab idea to encourage people to use stairs more, rather than lifts (elevators) or escalators. I was hoping that a couple of musical types would play “Chopsticks” - but give ‘em time.

Secondly, a system to help people to bin whatever non-recyclable stuff they feel they absolutely have to throw away.


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