Sunday, 15 March 2009

More less-than-ideal publicity for Jersey

Terry le Sueur didn't come over very well when interviewed by Channel 4 the other night. He got very flustered and gave a similar impression to a "Rogue Trader" confronted after being caught out doing a rip off job for some defenceless old person. What on earth do we pay our States "communications unit" so much money for?

Channel 4's seven minute piece was on tax havens and the "gun to tax haven's heads" last minute signing of the information exchange agreement (ahead of the G20 meeting). They interviewed Terry about it 3 minutes into the story, just after he was filmed signing the "piece of paper" which will undoubtedly give us financial "peace in our time" - or not. It wasn't pretty...

View the video at this link
Terry accidentally shafts Jersey internationally

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