Monday, 2 March 2009

I put the following post on Stuart Syvret's "comments" section because of a previous comment (now deleted by me) I made when I was still irritated by the incinerator vote.

"I think it was on this comments section that I wrote an angry post after the incinerator vote claiming that, inter alia, "…The level of stupidity and incompetence on view was just incredible…". I wish to withdraw those comments (and have already deleted them). I may have been mistaken and I would wish to apologise to anyone who was offended by my intemperate language and insinuations, particularly any States Member who is not stupid or incompetent (or both) who was offended. Also a big sorry to any States Member who is stupid or incompetent or both (if there are any) who was offended. I cannot see any reason, other than those I mentioned, to explain the majority decision but that is probably my failing. Perhaps there are hidden factors, that people outside the States don't know about, which would explain their stance, which we would understand if we were told.

The trouble with this hypothesis is that, over the years, numbers of people *inside* the States have said much the same sort of thing as I said about their colleagues, so who knows where the truth lies? Truth will out, as they say. I have a standing £10 bet with Frank Walker that the decision to go for a huge incinerator will be seen as a disastrous one within ten years"

p.s. I meant within ten years of the original decision, not the recent one

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TonyTheProf said...

"any States Member who is not stupid or incompetent (or both) who was offended"

Hmm. Not either or both of those adjectives? I'd put that at maybe - on a good day - around 17-19.