Sunday, 9 November 2008

tomatoes, carnations and oil - not a recipe...

Just sent this post to the JEP tonight by email.

Dear Sir,

Another part of Jersey's rapidly shrinking economic diversity is becoming extinct. The news that both our tomato and carnation growing greenhouse-based industries are falling by the wayside, and what has been planned for the sites, is even worse than may at first appear.

Peak oil has been very recently forecast to start biting within five years by serious analysts. The only reason the world can (just about) feed the current 6.66 billion inhabitants is because we use oil to make artificial fertiliser and pesticides, not to mention the fuel for tractor based cultivation and long distance transport etc. As oil starts to get harder to find, and takes more energy to extract, then the price will skyrocket. Food will soar in price and fall in availability as a direct consequence. There will be steadily increasing shortages.

We should be planning now for local food security for the Island by boosting our existing agricultural and horticultural sectors, not allowing them to fail. We should also encourage using organic, sustainable techniques which will rapidly become more economic than oil based agriculture. To allow existing greenhouses to be knocked down and houses built on the sites would be the height of folly and would demonstrate that our Economic Ministry literally has no clue whatsoever, despite the millions they have spent on consultants, about what the wider and relatively near future holds, and what we imperatively need to be doing to cope with it.

Most of our States still appear to be living in a fool's paradise, not realising what is happening to the world and how it will start to affect every one of us within the term of office of our re-elected and newly elected Senators. What will it take to wake them up?


TonyTheProf said...

I couldn't agree more. Why can't they develop the greenhouse space (which from the picture is substantial) into indoor all-year, any weather allotments, let out to people?

Anonymous said...

Have you been reading that stupid View from teh West web site again? You greens just don't understand do you. If we don't have a strong economy we wont have the money to do all that nice to have organic stuff. We won't have a strong economy unless we develop the Waterfront and expand the profitable parts of the economy. To grow those parts of the economy we need office space and housing for the wokers. Those higher earniers wil spend their money and that will help local smaler businesses. Everyoen is better off. It is as simple as this. We earn the money first then we can do the nice bits you keep on about.

Nick Palmer said...

"Have you been reading that stupid View from teh West web site again?"

Your post shows how colossally ignorant you are. Your main problem is that you are too thick and arrogant to realise that the human economy is part of the much larger and more essential natural "economy".