Friday, 21 November 2008


I just signed this online petition

The following article is lifted from the Friends of the Earth website

Call time on global greed

The past few months have seen one of the most significant financial crises to date.

A crisis caused by a greedy, reckless and under-regulated economic system. Biased against the poor and the environment.

The fall-out will have a damaging impact on millions of ordinary people in the UK, and billions in the poorest countries of the world.

But while those that created it have been bailed out with unprecedented sums of taxpayer money, the poor have received no such bail-out.

This weekend a select group of rich world leaders are meeting to discuss the problems facing the global economy. Poor countries have not been invited.
Time for change

It's time for a radically different economic system.

A system that reduces inequality, creates jobs, protects vulnerable citizens, preserves the environment, and works to eradicate poverty.

Such fundamental global reform needs to be agreed by everyone. The poorest of the world must have a full and equal say.

Agreeing a future economic system should not be done by the world's richest countries alone.
Press for change

Add your name to a national petition.

Ask Gordon Brown to ensure all governments are involved in creating a better and more-just economic system for the world.
Petition Gordon Brown

The financial crisis has graphically demonstrated to people in rich countries what those in poor countries have known for years: the current international economic system does not work.

We need a radically different economic system which puts people and the planet first.

The world's poorest people must have a full and equal say in developing this system - decisions must not be taken by bodies that only represent rich countries.

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