Sunday, 2 September 2012

Not the Paralympics

This odd but haunting video is not anything directly to do with the Paralympics but, curiously, it resonates strongly with them.

Sue Austin has been a wheelchair user since 1996, but has dedicated herself to “finding ways to understand and represent my embodied experience as a wheelchair user, opening up profound issues about methods of self-representation and the power of self-narration in challenging the nexus of power and control that created the ‘disabled’ as other.”




James said...

The introductory commentary belongs in Pseud's Corner in Private Eye - but it's an amazing piece of film.

Nick Palmer said...

Brace yourself then for this from her website...

BA Hons. Fine Art. Classification: First Class,
University of Plymouth, 2003 - 2009
Thesis: Self-Narration as a means of restoring the alienated body: An Investigation into the power of Discourses on Disability and Ontological Theories to reposition the Embodiment and Art-Practice of the Disabled Artist.