Sunday, 8 January 2012

Peter Rhodes - the sequel

I got a prompt response from my email to Peter Rhodes – see the previous post – Peter Rhodes column in the JEP.

Here it is in its entirety:

“Thank you for bringing this to my attention


If one was naive, one might imagine that this was a thank-you-I-now-realise-I-was-wrong message. Others might see a brush off.

Peter Rhodes, according to one of his email addresses ( appears to actually have a connection with the Express and Star newspapers which is not too surprising as they have a bit of a history of publishing wildly misleading “sceptical” climate science articles, frequently using massively debunked denialist rhetoric in those articles to push the newspaper’s political line. I used to like the Express when I was growing up – it was our family newspaper – now I don’t.



James said...

The group that owns the Express and Star is Claverley Media, who also now own Guiton Group - hence the syndication of PR's column into the JEP

Nick Palmer said...

Many thanks James. I suspected the link would be something like that.

Just in case clarification is necessary, I quite like Peter Rhodes' column apart from his occasional semi-denier jabs. As he goes on about grammar and the correct use of English every now and again, no doubt he quite likes my correct usage of apostrophes.

It's strange how the anti-science disinformation has fooled so many otherwise sensible folks - it's really pernicious.