Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Jonathan Livingston Festo

 I think this “flying seagull” creation is fascinating. Talked about here, in one of the always amazing TED talks, by one of its creators.

Also featured in the longer video is the Manta ray and the Airjelly – a flying jellyfish like device. Not featured is their Air penguin (click for link) 

interview with the creators

Article about Festo Smartbird


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Anonymous said...

I also post selected TED talks to my blog. It is possibly the best source of informative and inspirational thinking, not least because it so often goes against traditional established orthodoxy.

This approach of learning from nature rather than 'overcoming' it seems to be taking root. It is not new of course, but we had rather lost view of the fundamental apsects of living in a real world.

Mark Forskitt