Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Plastic bag makers break out lawyers to continue wrecking the planet!

Plastic bags are starting to look really naff nowadays when you see people carrying them. However, those wacky American plastic bag manufacturers are fighting back.  Three of the largest plastic bag manufacturers are actually suing Chicobags - a maker of stylish reusable bags - for "irreparably harming" their business.  The same unholy Trinity also sued the city of Oakland, California over their single-use plastic bag reduction ordinance.

Are these people out of their minds? - answers on a postcard to your grandchildren, please. Here’s a couple of links

Here is a video of Chicobag’s bag monster attacking San Fransciscan citizens

On the other hand, look what can be done with A FEW bags as street artist Joshua Allen Harris creates street art that inflates trash bags using air blasts from subway ventilation shafts

Historic uses of subway ventilation blasts included this




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