Monday, 23 May 2011

P P P Peak oil!!

Mark Forskitt, Daniel Wimberley, Chris Perkins and myself all raised the forthcoming spectre of peak oil when we stood for election in 2008. We warned about the consequences for the way we currently do things. Guess what? Just about nobody listened. Well, here's an Australian documentary that shows very authoritative figures saying that we are at (probably past!) peak oil now - the only way is down (sorry Yazz). In this film, Dr Jonica Newby goes to the International Energy Authority to find out how much and how fast they have changed their views recently. Guess what? We were right, they were wrong.




Anonymous said...

Spectre of Peak Oil. Its not a spectre; it is far more tangible and scary than that.

There are times I really wish I was wrong

Nick Palmer said...

Well it was a "ghost of Christmas yet to come" back then when we stood. I can't help it if we weren't pessimistic enough!