Thursday, 20 May 2010

JCAN on Grand Designs Live

The 6th annual Grand Designs Live event (click for website) took place in London recently at ExCeL near Canary Wharf from 1-9 May.
I was approached to submit a question to the Grand Designs Live panel (which included Kevin McCloud). I submitted it in my capacity as one of the media spokesmen for Jersey Climate Action Network and also as a sustainability blogger.

My question was:

To make a meaningful, timely, impact on greenhouse gas emissions requires acting now. Does the panel feel that all new buildings, starting tomorrow, should be designed to the highest BREEAM standards, particularly those relating to energy conservation (or, at least, to be easily retrofittable later) with a significant emphasis on a very long design life? Super-insulated buildings, which will last for generations, must surely be the way forward to a sustainable civilisation?"

As you can hear, they changed it somewhat but the essence came through.


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