Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cradle to Crapper? Crazy!

Irresistibly bonkers – at least slightly wacky. Japanese zaniness rules. A machine to convert office paper into rolls of toilet paper while you wait… Probably not a great idea environmentally, as good office paper can be recycled back into – guess what? – office paper again. Have they never heard of the  waste hierarchy?

Following text borrowed from’s Mary Catherine O’Connor

An enterprising Japanese firm called Oriental has developed a machine that will divert the waste paper in your office and convert it into toilet paper. Right there, on the spot. Feed about 40 sheets of paper into one end of the machine and in about 30 minutes, a roll of toilet paper emerges from the other end.

Sure, the carbon footprints linked to toilet paper purchases might not account for entire chapters of corporate social responsibility reports. But this contraption–which Oriental has inexplicably named the White Goat–is perhaps symbolic of the diffusion of sustainable thinking into the most remote corners of workplace design. Or, depending on how much water and electricity the White Goat eats each day, it could be symbolic of sustainable thinking gone wrong.”



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