Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ice Ice baby - latest Denier "Crock of the Week"

It's been a while since Pete Sinclair came out with one of his marvellous Climate denial "Crock of the week" videos but here is the latest. It's a revisit of the old denier scam which goes - "whatever happened to global warming? - because its flipping cold here".

In his usual sardonic fashion he shows us the big picture, which the deniers never do. Just because it's very cold where you are doesn't mean that it's very cold everywhere. Australia is currently frying.

One of the first rules of propaganda, designed to inculcate a certain belief in the minds of the public, is to appear to be helpfully giving out information whilst the public never realises that it is highly specific cherry-picked information - if the public's mind ever zoomed out from the specific info that the deniers want them to only look at they would clearly see how they were being misled. The denial industry and blogosphere also rely on too many stupid people only wanting to listen to what they want to hear. Those silly people who live as if believing their glass is always half full actually impacts on reality a jot should grow up and get a sense of responsibility.



cruxcatalyst said...

I can assure all northern hemisphere dwellers that it may be cold up there, but its been flaming hot here in Australia, we have had a number 100-110 F days already this summer! Not to mention killer bushfires in the state of Victoria this time last year.

I did wonder why they chose to hold a conference on global WARMING [climate change] in Copenhagen in the middle of winter!

I think people still confuse climate change with local weather - the point is that our climate is a complex adaptive system that interplays with all living species and a bunch of other geochemical processes...if we mess with it, we will change our climate. Not a problem when we were less settled, but a bit of a pain in a full world to try to relocate cities, infrastructure and crop growing to where the climate patterns shift...

Nick Palmer said...

Hi "crux",
I particularly notice what's happening down under because a couple of my hang gliding friends emigrated to Bunbury (near Perth) over 10 years ago. While they've made a great life for themselves there, I fear for their future.