Saturday, 5 December 2009

Climategate almost meets Crock of the week

Here's a masterfully sarcastic takedown by Potholer54 of the idiotically deceitful mania of the PR blitz currently being mounted by denialists, over the Climategate hacked emails. It clearly shows that these obstructive characters will say anything, or distort anything, to bolster their irrational blinkered views.

They are not "sceptics" as they like to portray themselves - sceptics look at all sides of the evidence and draw a balanced conclusion. They are deniers, plain and simple - they deny science - they deny evidence - they embrace and regurgitate fallacious logic and will only accept anything if it can be twisted to support the conclusion that they want to come to! Anything else gets ignored. Mad, bad and dangerous to know, if these astonishingly irresponsible types get their way, they will eventually be guilty of the deaths of countless millions. They hate being called deniers because they think they are being compared with Holocaust deniers - they are not - they are being compared with the type of person one may see on the Jeremy Kyle show who is in denial about their drinking or their partner's infidelity etc - a psychological state of avoiding confronting reality. However, come to think of it, climate science denial could end up killing more people than Adolf ever did...


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