Thursday, 9 April 2009

Overkill in Grouville (poetry)

Earth Never fear - it's not as bad as the old days - they used to need 13 Keystone Cops to raid someone!
N.B. The police's David Warcup has just told the JEP, click for letter that they did not have the full information necessary to make a comment like they did in their editorial last night - neither do I, but please just take it as a bit of teasing, lads!

Keystone cops

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TonyTheProf said...

David Warcups letter hinting at material that had to be kept secret reminded me of the argument in Yes Minister, where secrecy is to protect bungling! If Data Protection is involved, there are set procedures in the law, and Emma Martins should certainly be present as the local expert in any questioning. After all, in forensic accounting, the fraud squad has in the past called in a forensic accountant from PWC to help; it is beyond their remit to be able to do everything.